Web Design

I take a holistic approach to building company websites that means you get a product that meets all your requirements. I can arrange for logo design but my strength lies in building simple, easy to use sites more than in building a brand image.


Your company’s website in Spanish and English, responsively designed to adapt to different screen sizes, optimised for search engines and tailored to what your customers’ need.


The service I offer depends on what you are looking to achieve through your website and how. The primary focus may be to provide existing customers with information or to attract new clients searching online for businesses like yours. Websites can be updated regularly or rarely. Whatever your focus, the process followed will resemble the following:

  1. Understand your business model: goals, core value
  2. Define how your company’s website will help achieve these goals and add value
  3. Specify site requirements and define project
  4. Develop draft website and add example content
  5. Review and agree any changes necessary
  6. Deliver final product with system training
  7. Monitor implementation – ease of use, visitor traffic, sales / conversion

Throughout the development I will be in contact with you to keep you updated with progress and to confirm requirements.

Responsive Bilingual Spanish-English SEO Website Design
I specialise in creating responsive, bilingual, search engine opitmised websites tailored to customer requirements.

Project Characteristics

Each project is tailored to clients and their customers’ needs. Even so, some elements will be common to all websites I develop.

Fixed Elements

These are fixed in the sense that every project will include these features.

WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress has evolved into an excellent platform for building websites that are beautiful, easy for visitors to navigate, simple to maintain and optimised for search engines. I will provide you with basic training to ensure that you are able to manage simple day-to-day site management tasks such as changing images or adding new pages.

ConsultJon.com is the first site I designed from scratch in WordPress. I have maintained, customised and upgraded many others.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Any website development project needs to take into account SEO. Even if your site is not intended for lead generation, it still important that your customers can find it easily. Many will use an Internet search engine like Google to do so.

Optimising your content means paying attention to the way it is structured, which phrases you use to describe your products and services and how you present information, both to visitors and the search engine “bots”. This requires a mix of technical and language skills, both of which are are areas in which I have experience and training.

Responsive Design (Adapts to Screen Size)

All over the world, mobile internet usage is rising rapidly. Here’s what comScore’s “2013 UK Digital Future in Focus” report had to say about UK mobile Internet usage:

Page views from Non-PCs reached an all-time high with nearly 1/3 of all UK page views now from mobiles and tablets.

Meanwhile, Latin American websites continue to be largely be viewed from PCs and other desktop computers, although even here mobile usage has doubled in two years to almost 3% according to research in 2010 and 2012 by Pingdom. comScore puts the current figure at over 8.1%. I would expect this to be higher in Costa Rica given the number of people I know whose only option for accessing the Internet is their smartphone.

A responsive website design means customers visiting your site from a phone or tablet will be able to get the information they need quickly and easily without having to scroll up and down or left to right .

Optional Features

Depending on individual project requirements your website may also feature:

  • Content in both English and Spanish (I can do the translations)
  • Domain and hosting management
  • Customised searchable product database and shopping cart
  • Social network integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.)
  • Web analytics reporting
  • Webmaster coaching / training
  • Ongoing content management and SEO project plan

Important note: If your project does not require any of these optional features my product is less likely to add value to your company beyond what you could get from any other website designer.

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